30 Day Song Challenge – Day 2: Your Least Favourite Song

Continuing with the 30 Day Song Challenge, in far contrast to yesterday’s Favourite Song, today is about my Least Favourite Song. I hate quite a few songs, many of which could’ve made today’s post, but this one is in another world of its own. It’s a little song about a particular day of the week that was yesterday. I don’t even want to give this song the benefit giving it more attention by saying its name or who it’s by. It’s one that makes me cringe, not only because of how horribly it is written and auto-tuned, but of how much success is building out of this complete lack of talent. In fact it’s BECAUSE of the sheer horrific quality of the song and its accompanying video that it received so much attention in the first place. There are so many talented, hard working people who deserve so much more that it pains me that THIS is what we choose to elevate in society. Barf.

In honour of that BS, I invite you all to go on youtube and listen to a TALENTED nobody who’s just trying to make a break, and DESERVES one, because they’re actually talented, and work hard for their dreams. Share with me your favourite talented no name musicians in the comments! Please!

Haters gonna hate.



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