30 Day Song Challenge – Days 9 & 10

Oops! I missed Day 9 yesterday. I had started considering what song I’d select, then decided to think on it, and then never did. lol! So, for Day 9, which is A Song You Can Dance To, I think I’d select this one (the video creeps me out though):

I’ll have to think on it though, because I feel like there are better answers, but I do know that I always get excited when the DJ plays this one! 😉

Day 10 is A Song That Makes You Fall Asleep. I really like this song, but I’m gonna have to go with it anyways. Beautiful song really, but considering I’m already feeling kinda sleepy after too much sun today I’m kinda worried tha—- zzzzz…..zzzzzzzz……zzz.



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