30 Day Song Challenge – Days 11 & 12

Day 11: A Song From Your Favourite Band

Again, I hate favourites. They constantly change, and I have groups that used to be favourites, that are no longer favourites. In my process to eliminate non-favourites, I decided a favourite band would be one who’s CD I would buy without hesitation, and without having heard a single track off of it before purchase. By that definition, I guess my favourite is Jack Johnson, because I would buy any CD of his. I have 3 already. We also saw him in concert last year, a week before my 30th birthday! I have other favourites, but this is possibly my favourite favourite. … ?

So here you go; one of my favourites, from one of my favourites.

Day 12: A Song From A Band You Hate

Icky! Do I have to? Siiiiigh… ok. Fine. Here. The first, and last, time this will ever be on my blog.

I need to go throw up now. Ew… EWWW…



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