30 Day Song Challenge – Days 13 & 14: Guilty Pleasures, Unexpected

Day 13: A Song That Is A Guilty Pleasure

I don’t know if this is exactly a guilty pleasure, because that would imply some shame in admitting that I like this song. Even apparently 14 years (yes, FOURTEEN) after it was released, still not ashamed. Oh my, 14 years though?! Anyway, I could’ve also answered this one for the song that I can dance to. Maybe THAT’S what makes it a guilty pleasure…

This next one’s a bit of a transition one between these two. It’s a guilty pleasure, and I think one that people wouldn’t expect me to love (but who knows). This is the version of the video that first made this a ‘sensation’, but check out the official video too (linked in the youtube page’s description). It’s actually super cute, in my opinion. Warning, this is the version with ‘explicit lyrics’. Here’s the clean version.

Day 14: A Song That No One Would Expect You To Love

I almost started to think that Day 13 and 14 were basically the same, but then I realized that most people probably wouldn’t be too surprised in my answer(s) to #13.

Day 14 was actually really hard. I don’t know what people would or wouldn’t expect me to love. I try to share music I love (part of the motivation to do this challenge). Why keep it to yourself?

Anyways, I think it would be this one. It’s so bad… lol but funny. Let’s put a disclaimer on this one too. Not for everyone… haha



30 Day Song Challenge – Day 7: A Song That Reminds You Of A Certain Event

It really feels like cheating with this song to use one that reminds me of a concert. I could pick a song from any concert I’d ever been to. One that seems to stick out for me though, amongst others, is 2008’s Edgefest in Toronto. I got to go at the last minute with a very generous friend who let me use her extra ticket. We only saw two bands: Sam Roberts (awesome!) and Stone Temple Pilots. It was wicked. I got a great video of Sam Roberts doing Brother Down (yes, I shot that one myself when I was there), but for some reason it’s STP that makes me think of that concert. Possibly because they also remind me of the entire decade of the 90s, which was my high school years. It was fantastic to finally be able to see a band like this live (and let’s be honest, it’s fantastic that Scott Weiland is even still alive). No matter what, a part of all of us gets stuck in high school in one way or another, even 10, 15, 30 or 50 years later. I feel bad for kids in high school these days. The music just isn’t living up to the awesomeness of the 90s, or 60s or 70s (let’s forget the 80s). They’ll be stuck with memories of Teh Biebs forever. *shudder*  I hope some of them are able to break away and find the good music amongst the muck.

Anyway, here ya go. A couple of classic STP songs, and the official videos, thus you’ll probably have to click through directly to youtube.

Is it just me, or does he (Scott) look really weird in this Wicked Garden video. As in, he looks like he’s kinda healthy and weighs more than 100lbs and thus doesn’t look at all like himself. Musta been before teh drugz. The days leading up to his Velvet Revolver years really did a  number on him. lol


30 Day Song Challenge – Day 4: A Song That Makes You Sad

Well that was depressing. Carrying on with the 30 Day Song Challenge, I’ve found a song that make me sad. I’m pretty sure I found a good one, because I’m sad now, for no reason. Sorry if the same happens to you, just go back to yesterday’s post and listen to songs that make you happy afterwards. 🙂

There were a few songs I could’ve chosen for this, because they had sad lyrics, but the beat and music of the song was too cheerful (bit of an oxymoron).  This song has the 1-2 punch of SOUNDING depressing and with depressing lyrics, I think.  It requires you to click through and view directly on youtube. Boo!