30 Day Song Challenge – Days 21 & 22: Happy Sad

Day 21: A Song That You Listen To When You’re Happy

Too obvious?

Day 22: A Song That You Listen To When You’re Sad

Too obvious?  lol



30 Day Song Challenge – Day 6: A Song That Reminds You Of Somewhere

I think this one should be followed by a ‘Duh’.  No explanation needed here, unless you haven’t been following along. 😉

♥ ♥


30 Day Song Challenge – Day 3: A Song That Makes You Happy

What a lovely topic! I think there are a lot of songs that make me happy, but I decided to go with one that is a bit cliché. I imagine it makes other people happy too, or at least I would hope so since that seems to be part of the purpose of this particular song. It’s another oldie but a goodie. Unfortunately, I don’t think it will play properly via wordpress, so please click through to hear it (though I’m sure you know it already).

In lieu of that one, since you might not be able to view it, here’s another. Amusingly enough it’s also related to the weather/rain?? Coincidence, surely! Also, Gene Kelly is just lovely.

And a bonus, here’s another happy song that mentions raindrops (what’s up with that!?)

UGH… I just checked, and none of them will play directly in this post, but view and listen to them all!!!

Have a happy day 🙂