30 Day Song Challenge – Days 29 & 30: The Past & The End

Day 29: A Song From Your Childhood

I thought about uploading a nursery rhyme, or a church tune, but I thought this one might bring more memories and amusement for people. For those not in the know, first, I am sorry your childhood did not include Polkaroo. lol … second, this is the opening song to a hilariously weird Canadian kids’ show called Polka Dot Door. I suggest you look it up some time.  You won’t be the same.


Day 30: Your Favourite Song This Time Last Year

We began with favourites, so I suppose it only makes sense that it ends with favourites. I can’t believe I made it to the end. I did cheat and posted 2 a day every other day for the most part, but still. Not bad, for me.  😉

Anyways, I have NO idea what my favourite song was this time last year.  I don’t really do Top 40, so I can’t judge by the charts. I went into iTunes and checked out the ‘free’ song of the week that I downloaded around this time last year, and it kinda makes sense. I really liked this song a lot, but am starting to get tired of it now. Some songs don’t really have repeat value. Also, the video is weird, and I think we all know how I feel about weird videos.


So, at the end of the 30 Day Song Challenge, I can say that I think it’s been fun!  There are some different choices I may have made, looking back. I thought of answers to some challenges after they had passed, but that’s ok.  🙂  Here’s a bonus farewell song for you.



30 Day Song Challenge – Day 23 & 24 – Wedding and a Funeral

Day 23: A Song That You Want To Play At Your Wedding

Ah yes, every little girl’s dream, blahity blah blah. Well I’m going to skip this one, because we didn’t get to have any music or dancing at our wedding at all.

Thanks U.S. Immigration Process… I’m not bitter.

Day 24: A Song That You Want To Play At Your Funeral

K, amusingly I’ve already known this for a while.  lol!  I’d even write it in my will (if I had a will, which I don’t). Anyways, it makes me cry, so HAH!! Big sopping messes at my funeral! Awwww yeah.

You’ll have to click on it, but you’ll get a full screen version! muah haha…

Also, I’d like this to play too, but I can’t decide what version. However, if it’s the Glee or Justin Bieber covers, I will come back and haunt someone and BUST A CAP IN YO’ A–…. um… k, here’s the song.


30 Day Song Challenge – Day 19 & 20: Favourite Anger

Day 19: A Song From Your Favourite Album
Enough with the favourites! 😛 I thought instead I’d do my favourite song from my most recently purchased album. How’s that? It happens to be Songs For Japan. The compilation seems rather random, and I’m not sure who or how they decided what songs would go on there. It seems like it would have been nicer to have put together a set of inspiring or hopeful songs rather than just a collection of … stuff. I dunno, anyways, it’s still for a good cause, so yay for that.


Day 20: A Song You Listen To When You’re Angry
I don’t really like ‘angry’ music. It just makes me more angry, and I don’t see the point. I’d rather listen to something calming, but if I were to think of one, it might be this… hahah

Srsly tho, maybe something like this, cause the sound of silence, literally, is nice when I’m angry… unless I’m angry because someone’s ignoring me, then that doesn’t work. That said, this one is a nice calming song at least.


30 Day Song Challenge – Day 15 & 16: Describe Hate

Day 15: A Song That Describes You

Oh rly? Well, this DOESN’T describe me, in a variety of ways, but I wish it did. Both in the way that I sort of wish it was raining so it’d cool down, and also that I wish I had this optimism. Does that count? 🙂

I like that he actually gets rained on, on stage, and people clap for it.

Day 16: A Song That You Used To Love But Now Hate

This one’s tough. I usually end up hating songs due to overexposure, but it’s not really the song’s fault. It’s the fault of local radio stations for being complete crap.  Anyways, tomorrow’s song day is about radio so I won’t get too much into it now. This one I used to really love though. I wouldn’t say I necessarily HATE it now (such a strong word), but I definitely like it much much less.  Also, it’s been on Glee, which makes it even MORE overexposed, since that’s the most overexposed show in existence, and I now like that show much much less than I used to (and have stopped watching).

Anyways, this video is stupid, and I also don’t like it, so watch it. Or don’t. I don’t mind either way. I’m sure I’ll get flack for saying that, because she’s being oh-so-creative and expressive with her interpretive dance and makeup/costumes… yeeeah. I still think it’s stupid. The poofy curly hair, and porcelain makeup remind me of all things I hated when I was a kid. Perms, and dolls. Yeah I said it.

On both videos you’ll have to click through to watch directly on youtube again. This is becoming a pain! Sorry. I hope people are actually doing that and listening to what I’m posting! 🙂 I unfortunately don’t have a way to embed the actual mp3s either. boourns.