We Can All Talk About The Weather

Being a Canadian living in California, I encounter one of two reactions when people find out where I’m from.

a) they know someone who lives in Canada (do you know Joe in Saskatchewan?)
b) they ask me about the weather (hyuck hyuck, must be cold up there… eh?)

It’s windy here (in California) today, kinda ‘cold’, and I’m forcibly reminded that it’s March. In March the weather seems to do whatever it damn well pleases, no matter where on the globe you are (though maybe it’s specific to the northern hemisphere, but I doubt it). This was definitely the case ‘back home’, and is definitely the case here!  Case in point: they received 10 cms of snow or something last weekend, followed by rain, and somewhere in there was a warm spell, and some flying monkeys I’m pretty sure.

Here in the last couple of weeks or so we’ve also had snow, rain and sunshine, and this is southern California! Snow is a rare sight here, and I miss it dearly. Locals, us included, were so excited when we had some up in the mountains recently that they flocked to it in droves for a fun-filled snow day! Conveniently it was on a weekend, because the snow only lasted 2 days.

Anyways,  no one believes me when I say that it’s cold here. I get it. It’s nothing like ‘back home’, and we’re a bunch of whiners here. I used to laugh when Californians complained about the cold too, but now I feel it. All things considered the weather here is nice, but it’s not all sunshine and beach days every day like everyone thinks! Once in a while we have to bundle up with scarves and jackets too. Everyone (except me so far) has super cute rain boots too, because we get several days of rain in the winter, and when it rains it doesn’t joke around about it. It’s still just another random thing to adjust to in a new place.

You’ll hear more about the local weather here, because we all love to talk about the weather. Regardless of how the weather is, it’s something we can collectively agree on (or not), have an opinion on, and generally relate to. We all share the weather. People joke about the mindlessness of talking about the weather, but I really think it’s a brilliant topic which opens doors to in depth conversations or just a nod of the head.  Whatever the conversationalists are in the mood for. Rain, snow, and sun makes up the small talk monarchy. We talk about our current weather, I talk about the weather back home, some talk about ‘that storm’ back in the 90s (you know that one), we all reminisce about something related to the atmospheric conditions of any given day.

Whether the weather conversation seems to wither depends on whether the weather is wonderful and worthy of words.