Dukan Update!!


So, things are going pretty well in the world of Dukan. It’s still hard sometimes to avoid eating things I crave, but it’s getting easier. The fact that this is working, and I’m determined seems to be outweighing temptations. I am now down 14 lbs!!! wooooo! So I lost another 3 lbs last week. As the British (or something?) would say, I’ve now lost a whole stone. Man that feels good! bwah haha.

The fact that I managed to still lose 3 lbs last week is kind of a big deal since I went out to eat twice. On Thursday (or Wednesday?) we were out for our evening walk, and randomly ran into my husband’s parents on their way to a restaurant. They invited us to go along. His mom had just returned to town from being away for a week and a 1/2, so we went with them to welcome her back. Every time she leaves town her first restaurant trip back is for Chinese food. Hah! Right, like THAT goes with the diet!??!? No so much.

I counteracted that crazy menu by ordering chicken and broccoli, and not sharing much other food (we usually order various plates then split them up amongst ourselves). I did end up having a bit of the other stuff, but it was just more veggies, and seafood soup, and some beef. So, I only ate non-breaded stuff, and vegetables. Not bad. Was really tempted with the sesame chicken though. 😥 But couldn’t have any. We then walked home, instead of getting a ride, so I think that helps! I also didn’t eat my fortune cookie. I’m so hardcore.

I also went out for dinner yesterday (Sunday). My husband and I rode our bikes to the beach and ate at a restaurant there. I had salad (with Vinaigrette dressing, because I thought it’d be least harmful), and grilled rosemary chicken with vegetables. It was pretty tasty!! I managed to avoid the tempting basket of bread they put on the table *pout*, but I accidentally ate a crouton from my salad. hahaha I didn’t even think about it! Just popped it in my mouth and when I bit down I paused, said ‘OMG I just ate a crouton!’, and my husband was like ‘WHAT?!’. It was awesome. I then took all the rest of the croutons off the salad and put them on his plate. lol

Anyways, the fact that we biked there, then walked on the pier, then biked back, probably  nicely offset whatever potential damage I did, though I doubt I did much. Grilled meat, and tons of veggies (on a veggie & protein day of course), are pretty safe. The only problem is that you can’t know or control if it’s lean meat (though a chicken breast is fine), or what’s in the sauces. ALAS, I did not really deprive myself and felt pretty good after.  I didn’t have that bloated, gross feeling of having just stuffed my face, even though I definitely wasn’t hungry anymore!

FYI… Yesterday I wore a pair of pants that I had pushed to the ‘back’ of the closet for not fitting last year. Yep. The clothing adjustments have begun! yaaah!!

Stay tuned next week, when hopefully I update about another successful lb lossage!

Me, ftw.



In Which My Body and I Take a Cruise

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I started my new diet (I’d meant to update after one week, my bad). So far I’m down 11 lbs!  🙂 In my announcement of my plans, I received 99% positive response from folks offering great support in this, but you can never please everyone, and I didn’t expect to, because I am not you, and you are not me. However, I am not going to further address the negativity in this post because I’d like to sustain a positive momentum in this challenge. I will simply say that I appreciate each and every one of you who responded with such support for me. Thank you. ♥ I encourage you all to find your own paths to health and happiness, and if my experience helps you get there, all the better! 🙂

I’ve moved beyond the ‘attack’ phase of my diet (no pun intended), and now expand all of my available foods to include vegetables. Yum. Details on this first phase are in my other diet post. This ‘cruise’ phase of my diet consists of alternating protein days and protein + veggie days, and will last until I reach my target weight. I’ll also be having 2 tbsp of Oat Bran each day (usually eaten in a yummy pancake, but there are other options), and walking a 1/2 hour (which I may or may not have been keeping up with regularly… ahem). The speed of weight loss has decreased now, as my body is reacting to what’s going on and due to the reintroduction of vegetables (all of this is explained in the Dukan Diet book) for a more balanced approach. I should still be on track to lose about 2 lbs a week, but it’s a bit weird to see a bit of a halt in progress since I was literally melting a lb a day in the first week! All good things must come to an end, or at least a transition period.

Over the past 2-ish weeks I have noticed a few things about my eating habits. I was eating CRAP before. No wonder I couldn’t lose any weight. I was kidding myself into thinking ‘lean pockets’, Special K, and cheese and crackers were healthy enough that I should have been losing weight. Read the labels people. SERIOUSLY read the labels of the foods you eat. Look at the fat content, carb content, sodium content… It’s all related to why, despite THINKING you’re eating healthy, you’re probably not really eating healthy (maybe ‘healthy’ yes, but for weight loss, no). Then, go buy some food without labels! 😉

That said, I’ve been eating a bigger variety of foods lately than I ever was before. I think this is partially because of the restrictions on the diet forcing me to seek out variety so I don’t get bored. I want to be sure that I can keep this going for the months and months that it will take me to reach my goal. I expect to be at this phase of the diet until Christmas. For realz. Thankfully my husband has been very supportive, and has been helping me to create some good dinners. I’m glad that I can have soup again. We attempted some chicken broth w/ chicken in it, and not much else, and it was not so pleasant. Now I can reintroduce my beloved miso soup w/ tofu, and tomato or squash soup, or other vegetable soups given that the carb content isn’t too high. I can also do some veggies and low fat/low carb dip, or salads (with a careful dressing choice), or low-fat veggie burgers and so on.

I also discovered that amongst the food we’d removed from the cupboard, another full bag was food that my husband wanted, so it wasn’t that bad! We’ve also struck a deal that for every 10 lbs I lose, I get a treat. LOL  Treat #1 was a lovely bouquet of flowers. hehehe…

I’m not going to pretend this was easy. It wasn’t. I miss baking. I miss cookies, and crackers, and chocolate, and pasta, and sandwiches and cereal. But, I know it’s worth it, and I know eventually I will be able to eat all of those things again. If I just focus on what I can’t eat, then I’m not going to get anywhere. This diet doesn’t expect anyone to live permanently on food sources that are insufficient for life-long living. The body wasn’t designed to be consistently losing weight, so of course what I am eating now will differ from what I eat the rest of my life. Grocery shopping is really difficult right now, as I become accustomed to finding foods that are appropriate, and avoiding ones that aren’t (the myth of sticking to the exterior parts of the store without going into the aisles is completely true, btw). I just tell myself that this is FOR the rest of my life, but not for the rest of my life. lol 😉

There are a lot of things I can and do eat, so I will happily share some recipes in the future, and keep you all updated.

11 and counting.